Family Fun Day



It Can Be Exciting

A day of organized events providing a variety of amusement and activities.

The church has set aside this day for members and their friends and family to enjoy each other company through varies activities such as: sports day for adults and kids,

Face painting, bouncy castle, games, crafts and many more.


Elpis is a church built on family fundamentals based on the word of God. Our core foundation is built on love, hope and acceptance. We encourage family outings especially in the summer where we hold barbecue days, fun at the park, picnic and foootball matches from within and sometimes we have guest players. We take this time and opportunity to build relationships and also meet families and friends of our church members . We also hold games days, this is usually indoors when the weather is cold or wet. In that spirit we also host different events such as:


A: Christening where we join in celebration with families welcoming a new life and naming ceremony of a child,


B: Baptism is a ceremony where one is immersed in water after accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord savior, see Matthew 3v 13-17, Mark 1v 9-11


C: Dedication is when a young child is dedicated to the Lord as a sign of appreciation and asking the Lord's hand over their growing life until they come to the age of understanding and can tell right from wrong


D: Wedding is a beautiful time when a man and a woman are joined in holy matrimony and in the presence of the Lord, where they become husband and wife.


E: Funerals, this a time we all have to face in our journey of life where we exit the presence and enter the eternal. This is a time for loved ones to bid farewell to the departed.



It Can Be Exciting


It Can Be Exciting


Unit A1 and A2

Sutherland House

43 Sutherland House,

E17 6BU




Sunday            10:00am -   12:30pm

Wednesday   7:00pm    -   8:30pm

Friday              7:00pm    -   9:00pm